Light Up a Life
Love you Dad. Miss you every day. I wish I could ask your advice about so many things! We all think about you often. So many new things that I wish we could tell you about. Lots of love xxx ooo xxx
Tina Morton
Always in my heart my love.
Richard Hollier
Dedicating this star to my mother-in-law Margaret Mackie who Passed away January 2012. Will always be in our thoughts.
Always in my thoughts.
Always in our thoughts and hearts. Love
Ann & Ron
Always in our thoughts and hearts Love
Ann & Ron
My handson son Joel. Miss you so much and love you more than ever. 💚
Sonya Woodside
Another Christmas nearly here We all wish you were both still near But we’ll remember you on Christmas Day And look for your star, a shining ray. All our love, Lynn, Sharon and the whole family ...
Sharon gray
Who would have thought that last year would be the last Christmas without you Dad. It will be so hard without you, our first Christmas, but you will live on in our hearts forever. Miss you so much and...
Anita Millar

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How does the Light Up a Life Night Sky work:

Our Light Up a Life Night Sky shows the view from Saint Francis Hospice, across the hills to the capital. Be a part of Light Up a Life and dedicate a star in memory of your loved one. You can make it personal, including images and your own words. Then, their star will shine brightly in the sky for the whole festive period.

What is Light Up a Life?

You can find out more about our Light Up a Life events on our website.
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An illustration of the view over the fields and towards the city of London, as seen from Saint Francis Hospice.